AdieUx – AdU Yearbook Releasing

Adamson University Building

The Institutional Development and External Affairs (IDEA) Office would like to announce the availability of AdieUx 2017 and remind the alumni of the availability of yearbooks for preceeding years except AdieUx 2016.

Claiming of AdieUx 2017 will begin on November 4.

EditionIncludes graduates of:Status
2017March 2017; May 2017; October 2017Available
2016March 2016; May 2016; October 2016Unavailable
2015March 2015; May 2015; October 2015Available
2014March 2014; May 2014; October 2014Available
2013October 2012; March 2013; May 2013;

October 2013

2012March 2012; May 2012 and October 2011Available
2011March 2011; May 2011; October 2010Available
2010March 2010; May 2010; October 209Available
2009March 2009; May 2009; October 2008Available
2008March 2008; May 2008; October 2007Available
2007March 2007; May 2007; October 2006Available
2006March 2006; May 2006Available
2005March2005; May 2005; October 2005Available
2004March 2004; May 2004; October 2004Available

For copies of the Yearbook 2003 and below, please call the IDEA Office first to confirm availability.

To claim your yearbook package, please do the following:

  •  Proceed first to the Students Accounts window for yearbook verification
    •    Proceed to IDEA Office to claim your yearbook; present verification note from Students Accounts with your Adamson University Alumni Association ID or any valid ID, such as government-issued IDs, employee ID, etc. 

Those who cannot come to personally claim their yearbook can send a representative to do so. A letter of authorization is required along with a photocopy of the graduate’s ID and a valid ID of the representative. The yearbook will not be released to representatives without these requirements.

Yearbooks can be claimed from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM only. The IDEA Office is located at the Ground Floor, CS Building, beside the President’s Office. Call the Office at (02) 524-2011 local 122 and at (02) 522-0550 or email for inquiries.


  1. There are no yearbooks published from 1941 to 1947 due to World War II, and from 1972 to 1988 when student publications were closed during Martial Law.
  2. From 1988 to 2006, inclusion in the yearbook was on a voluntary basis. Yearbook publication was also done individually by the college/department prior to 2004. Only those who have subscribed are given copies. Requests for second copies or copies for those who did not subscribe may be granted on a case-to-case basis.

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