Adamson University is constantly in a collaborative effort with various entities and individuals that share the School’s commitment to uplift the lives of the poor but academically excellent through education.

Towards this end, scholarships are being awarded to students who exhibit intelligence and diligence in their studies. These cover the students’ tuition fees, either as a full or half coverage scheme, and their miscellaneous fees on condition that they maintain the prescribed General Waited Average with no dropped or failed subjects and incomplete grades. They are also expected to involve themselves in at least 2 activities of either the OSAS or their respective colleges or department every semester.

Categorized according to the various donors and sponsors, these scholarships are the following:

Alumni-sponsored Scholarships:

  • 75th Diamond Jubilee Foundation Scholarship
  • AUAAI Scholarship
  • AdU Chemistry Alumni Association Scholarship
  • AdU Chemical Engineers Alumni Association Scholarship
  • AdU Calgary Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Golden Harvest Scholarship
  • UAE BOD Dubai AdU Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Manny Wong Scholarship

Corporate, Foundation and Individual Sponsored Scholarhips:

  • Engelstoft Family Foundation Scholarship
  • ECF Minerals Corporation Scholarship
  • Fluor Daniel Foundation Scholarship
  • Gold Fields Philippines Corporation Scholarship
  • Megaworld Foundation Scholarship
  • MERCK, Inc. Scholarship
  • Petron Bataan Refinery Scholarship
  • Petron Foundation (TAP-CS)

The government is also directly involved in this through its various agencies like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

Academically excellent and skilled students in Adamson University are being provided to push the government’s national agenda for development through emphasis on science and technology. This is in recognition of Adamson University’s reputation as one of the country’s premier centers of higher learning.

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